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We´ve going to woods from 1979 years - and always found our way back. Join us!

Erästely Canoe & Outdoors is a company specialicing in nature-, farm- and canoe activities, offering variety of things to enjoy of. We operate around the year in area´s of River Jongunjoki, River Ruunaa and Lake Pielinen, in eastern Finland. Were located physically in Nurmijärvi village, in an old school, where we can also offer accommodation for even bigger groups.

Between three bigger "wilderness towns" Lieksa, Kuhmo and Nurmes, you will find large wilderness areas, with forests cut by rivers and streams, paths to walk on, log cabins and shelters of many types, from simple lean - to´s to every-mans-right open cabins. And we are here to help you with planning of your trip and executing it as agreed.

We, wilderness guides Arto Räsänen and Päivi Putkonen, plus other assistant guides, also offer consulting, training and trips, tailor-made based on your needs.

Summer activities include:
- Canoe & Kayak paddling on streams, rivers, falls and lakes
- Now we also offer chance for rafting on rubber boat
- Hiking on forest routes
- Fishing, gathering mushrooms and picking berries, from blueberries to cloudberries
- Lessons about natures own wild herbs and edibles
- Handcraft courses and lessons. Traditional materials like birch bark and willow
- Photography trips
- Bicycle and kickbike trips.We also  rent bicycles.Most of our bicycles are rugged,re-built army surplus ones
- War history based trips,as were very near to many old battlegrounds with trenches etc,dating back to WW 2
- We can also harness one of our huskies in front of your kick bike to make it bit easier to travel,or you can just pet our dogs
  or maybe take one with you on a leash for a walk near our location

Winter activities that we offer:
- Snowshoe hiking and renting
- Kick sled and dog sled trips
- Ice fishing

- We have around fifty beds to sleep in. Most of them are old trusty, army style bunks,
  and few beds for couples in room that also has its own toilet and privacy
- We offer plain bed & breakfast packages, or just the beds, and if you like we can take
  care of all your catering here too, depending on size of your group etc

In our yard we have now around 12 alascan huskies, pure and mixed ones, and also chickens and roosters for kids to feed or pet, or just watch them.

If you would like to bath in traditional wood heated sauna, we have one just next to our accommodation and about 5 meters from river Jongunjoki, so you can dip yourself in the water between bathing, or enjoy some refreshments next to sauna, as we have a place for bonfire surrounded by wooden seats there too. And theres still two more, simple fireplaces plus one sami-style tipi with fireplace in our yard.

Theres also an easy, shorter path to walk on, that follows the bank of Jongunjoki and you can spend time there too, in our nicely done "kota", a tipi-type of shelter made out of logs, that has plenty of room for people in it, to enjoy some time together around kota´s fireplace.

Other services:
The biggest land owner here is forest ministry, owned by government, who offer hunting licenses to their forest areas, and we will arrange accommodation, drivers and transportation, catering, guides, maps, and other necessities for your hunting trips. We also have our own small campsite in Hähnijoki for you use around the year, with true modest and traditional style. There is a fireplace, wood toilet without running water, fire wood shelter and one bigger "kota" with larger fireplace in it. Experienced guests with proper gear might like to spend their nights here too. since you can sleep in the kota or sleep in tents. Its located in very nice calm beach of small river where you can also swim easily as it has good sand bottom and its not so deep.